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Mr. Stahl is an avid Fisherman and Environmentalist. Mr. Stahl is the founder of Skyscraperjobs and has 22 years working with Argus Analytics. Mr. Stahl is a pioneer in best practices pertaining to Technical Sales integration with Digital Marketing strategies including Telephone B2B direct Sales. Mr.Stahl received a Degree in Finance from University of Houston which led to his relationship with the Investment Banking Firm Bear Sterns.


Douglas Stahl is a Visionary Thinker, Leader, Chief Revenue Architect, Value Evangelist, and high caliber Sales Coach with over 20 years in investment banking, commercial real estate software and sales leadership. His experience in building hands-on high tech phone consultative sales engines is unmatched. His $66M in new business has all been done on and over the telephone.

Mr. Stahl worked for commercial real estate's most successful software company: ARGUS software.  He was one of the original leaders on the ARGUS team and held key positions and also played critical leading roles in marketing and sales during his 12 years at ARGUS.

In the early days of ARGUS software software Mr. Stahl was instrumental in branding ARGUS software which then become the most successful and important software brand in the commercial real estate industry. Using ARGUS as a tool he and his team convinced an entire industry to standardize using Discounted Cash Flow.


Just before joining ARGUS, Mr. Stahl gleaned his superior sales, marketing and accounting skills from experiences he had working with such companies as Merill Lynch ,Chase Manhattan,Lehman Brothers,Goldman Sachs , MetLife, Prudential and other large banks and financial institutions around the United States


Mr. Stahl was especially inspired by these giant firms’ standardized of measurements and metrics of the value of fixed income bonds. Stahl worked with these tools for finding and determine value. He gained knowledge of benchmarks like “WAM” and “Duration” and other metrics of investment and value measurement in banking and in the government Fixed Income bond business. This influence by thes new computer tools served as an inspiration to him while working at Bear Sterns and then at ARGUS. Working with Harry Schaefer, Chuck Ramsery and Steve Kay both of Bear Stearns who inspired him immensely.

Stahl was visionary he saw the need for standardization of commercial real estate analytics. This was especially true because of the massive new capital inflows into commercial real estate because of deregulation and the need for liquidity in the buying and selling of assets.

Stahl initiated, changed and then standardized the way many in the valuation industry, banks, and other commercial real estate and lending institutions did business. This was very advantageous to ARGUS and cemented their market share with firms on Wall Street, then nationwide and finally worldwide. He was very successful in persuading many to use ARGUS as their primary analytical tool for valuing of their assets.

Finally as Sales Manager at ARGUS then International Sales Manager, Mr. Stahl led and trained his sales team to hunt, and then convince leaders of institutions to use the Discounted Cash Flow. Later working overseas, he revolutionized people’s way of thinking to the North American convention or “Wall Street” way of valuation: by discounted cash flow. Convincingly he converted thousands of clients first in the United States and then he spread it to over 52 countries including Japan, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Israel, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and others worldwide to do it the “Wall Street” way of valuation.


Super Tall Skyscrapers,Trout, Redfish, Croaker, Oysters crabs and Shrimp. Real Estate Development. Education and Speaking about Discounted Cash Flow, Skyscraper Analitics and Civic Matters. Supporter of all things uplifting and aspiring.